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Security Services

Private Security Services

Securon Private Security Consultancy Service is the whole of the services which include different security stages and where all activities are performed in a professional manner within the framework of Law No. 5188.

Prior to the performance of the private security consultancy service, a security investigation takes place, where the necessary controls are carried out by Securon's professional team. As a result of this investigation, safety risk analysis is prepared by determining the factors that will cause all kinds of damage and various scenarios against emergency situations. The protection plan prepared with respect to these analyses and printed documentation of the relevant institution of the state are prepared by Securon especially for the relevant project and submitted to the relevant department of the state and approved.


By integrating all physical security services with electronic security services with the mobile solutions it offers, Securon offers a fully efficient and effortless service model.


The Private Security Service provides the necessary security training to all security officers and managers in monthly and annual periods, as well as various seminar/training models through the online system.


Securon ensures that security and service quality are not compromised by carrying out informed and


Securon performs all service items within the frame of Physical Security Services with professional and sensitive approach, by adopting unconditional customer satisfaction as principle.

Physical Security Services is service model that covers many security services such as Facility Entry/Exit Controls, Bodyguard, Consultancy Services, foot or car Patrol Services.

Services such as Security Automation Management which covers the management of camera rooms and remote intelligence rooms and systems; Visitor Registry Control Services which covers the control of pedestrian and vehicle entries, registry and guidance, and Key and Card Management Processes which covers the process and management of authorized cards of special rooms of the companies are included in this distinguished service model that Securon provides.